Innovation & Research

research into
innovation and
sustainable impact

Our rigorous research helps develop and assess new and emerging technologies

Our Innovation & Research team includes social scientists, data scientists, ethical, legal and human rights and science communication experts. We work with our clients to assess their needs, understand their problems, and develop innovative and impactful solutions. We lead and participate in international, European and nationallyfunded research projects and tenders. 



High-quality, rigorous research and an applied professional approach


Over 15 years research experience


Innovation and research solutions that are tailored per client, per project and goals

Thought leadership

Recognised contributions to research, knowledge and innovation demonstrated by funding success and publication

Diverse research expertise

A diversity of subject matter expertise to address a range of needs


An interdisciplinary team of social scientists, data scientists and legal and communication experts

Research Clusters

Trilateral Research offers research services in six thematic areas which represent different societal challenges. Our research in these areas closely informs and feeds into the design and development of Trilateral’s  Ethical AI and consultancy portfolio. 

Our team conducts applied research on behalf of our clients to advance knowledge, boost organisational potential, and enable fully-informed decision making at government-policy and corporate-management levels. This ensures that these organisations maximise the impact of their initiatives, with a better return on investment and positive public feedback on topics that really matter.

Service Portfolio

Service Portfolio


Commitment to Quality

We review quality regularly. Our Innovation & Research services are consistently positively evaluated by our research partners and clients. We have a consistent stream of repeat business and research collaborations, as well as multiple referrals. To find out more, please contact our team.

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