About Trilateral Research 

Trilateral Research develops ethical AI solutions for tackling complex social issues, from climate change to human trafficking and child exploitation. Our focus is putting people first in technological developments.

We are an interdisciplinary team with experts in ethics, social sciences, legal systems, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and data protection. We combine social science with data analytics, data science, and technology development. By building data-driven insights, our ‘sociotech for good’ approach enables us to deliver user-centred, fit-for-purpose results with long-lasting value and social impact. 

Alongside software, we offer a range of services including:

  • Innovation & Research – We transform research into innovation and sustainable impact, focusing our efforts where we can enhance societal wellbeing. 
  • Sociotech Insights – Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we help our clients derive value and insights from data to solve the complex societal problems. 
  • Ethics Innovation – We embed ethical best practice into processes, solutions and products. 
  • Data Protection – We provide practical support to help our clients understand and address data protection requirements. 
  • Cybersecurity – We help our clients minimise cyber-risks for their organisation and customers


Trilateral Research leads WP2 on Ethical challenges of new technologies and ethics review processes. In this WP, we lead T2.1 on scoping, screening and data visualisation. This task will be supported by Trilateral data science team who will  carry out extensive data gathering on ethical and legal issues related to new technologies and help visualise the data.  

TRI also leads the data management plan and compliance monitoring (T1.3), alongside the communication strategy and actions (T7.1). 


Our strengths: History and diversity of expertise

Our Innovation and Research team has a longstanding history in EU-funded projects, especially those covering ethics and data protection in technology. Since 2004, we have led and participated in over a hundred research projects.

Our work on data protection and ethics has made a tangible impact in cybersecurity, healthcare, law enforcement, human trafficking and human security in conflict settings. We are at the forefront of ethical, legal and social impact assessments in the EU. 

Tailored advice

Excellent track record in communications and policy engagement

Our dedicated research communications team has considerable experience in leading and assisting the communication and dissemination activities for research projects e.g. TechEthos, SHERPA and EERAdata.  We also have a stellar track record in scientific dissemination and policy engagement at the EU level.



Knowledge transfer

Experts in technology and ethics

We have extensive experience in ethical analyses of emerging technology, ethics reviews and development of ethical standards . We were involved in several Horizon 2020 projects on the ethics of new and emerging technology, including SATORI, SHERPA and SIENNA. Our current work includes ’ sister projects PREPARED and TechEthos, both focused on technology and research respectively.

Understand the problem, really

Anaïs Resseguier (PhD)

Anaïs is a senior research analyst at Trilateral Research. She will lead work package 2 on the ethical challenges of new technologies and ethics review processes.

Anaïs is trained in philosophy, ethics and the social sciences. She researches the ethics of new and emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence. She has worked in TechEthos and SIENNA. She is particularly keen to shift the focus of attention in AI ethics away from high-level abstract principles to concrete practices in social, political and environmental contexts. 

Ilaria Bonavita

Ilaria is a data scientist at Trilateral Research. She will support the collection and creation of the database of ethical issues. She will also create the technical solutions to gather data online and the natural language processing tools to annotate and analyse the information collected.  

Ilaria coordinates technological tasks for Horizon Europe projects in Trilateral. She is particularly interested in creating machine learning and statistical models of real-life phenomena that flag ethical and societal perspectives, to mitigate potential harms of technology used inappropriately. 

Enya O’Connell-Hussey

Enya is a research impact officer at Trilateral and task lead for the communication strategy and actions (T7.1). She has a background in environmental and political science.  

Enya has a track record in social media, writing and website management.  She also leads the communication activities for the PREPARED project – helping to foster community and cross-fertilisation between Horizon Europe projects.