Law Enforcement & Community Safeguarding

Safer communities
through innovative

We co-design technologies and policies alongside law enforcement and community safeguarding organisations to benefit society

We help practitioners understand how technologies impact their operations, and help them develop effective solutions that respect privacy- and human rights while being socially acceptable. We bring our extensive experience from research to co-design ethical and effective solutions to address operational challenges. We are pioneers in applying Privacy and Ethics-by-Design methodologies for law enforcement and community safeguarding.



Supporting law enforcement

We work as a team with law-enforcement practitioners and technologists to address operational, technical, and ethical challenges

Mitigating unintended discrimination

Ethical AI

We enhance research and development so technologies are trustworthy, effective, and compliant

Knowledge sharing

Enhancing practitioner processes

In collaboration with practitioners, we enhance processes to integrate ethical, privacy, investigative, and court-room requirements

Tailored security

in society

We conduct research to understand diverse needs in society and how technologies can enhance public safety and security

Impact and Achievements

Our research collaborations and service outputs provide actionable insights and are valuable tools for policymakers and decisionmakers working to tackle the technical, human and organisational drivers of crime. Our work directly and indirectly helps law enforcement agencies and other authorities investigate and prosecute crime and protect communities.

Our Services

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ethical technology

Ethically developed technologies for safer societies – the ROXANNE project case study

DARLENE Augmented reality

Developing augmented reality tools to combat crime and terrorism

ELS Prevision

Ethical, legal and societal impact assessment in security research – the example of the PREVISION project

Testimonies from our partners

Dr. Ray Genoe

Director of the Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybcercrime Investigation, University College Dublin, INSPECTr Project Coordinator

There are many ethical challenges when coordinating a project that deals with Law Enforcement data and conducts research into the application of AI technologies for improving investigations. Navigating the legal, ethical and social issues that arise from such activities, requires an in depth understanding of the landscape and a good degree of technical knowledge. The team at Trilateral Research were an essential partner on the INSPECTr project and their dedication from the outset of the project helped make it a success. I would highly recommend considering them in future projects and look forward to working with them in the future.

Dr. Petr Motlicek

IDIAP, ROXANNE Project Coordinator

Without any doubt, Trilateral Research has been the most reliable partner in ROXANNE, and this has been valid from the beginning of the project. TRI well-coordinated the majority of the work related to ethical and legal challenges related to the R&D work on the project platform, collection of data, dissemination of sensitive material, plans on exploitation of project results, etc, and was often proactive to help with other aspects of the project which were found to be difficult to solve by other project partners.


Research group of UCM

We, the GASS research group, as the research group of UCM, would like to express our most sincere thanks to the entire Trilateral team with whom we have had the fortune to work on the last two European R&D projects. Trilateral Research is a true reference in everything concerning the ethical issues involved in using technology, especially in everything related to the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. That is why our congratulations go from here from these lines, and we hope we have new opportunities to collaborate with them in the future. 

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