COPKIT workshop: How can new technologies support Law Enforcement Agencies to stay ahead of organised crime?

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COPKIT workshop


Trilateral Research

Date: 5 September 2018

What are the technical requirements of new technologies for Law Enforcement Agencies to stay ahead of organised crime and terrorist groups? And what are the legal and ethical implications? These are but some of the questions that will be addressed during the COPKIT workshop this September.

The COPKIT project focuses on the problem of analysing, preventing, investigating and mitigating the use of new information and communication technologies by organised crime and terrorist groups.

This question is a key challenge for policy-makers and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) due to the complexity of the phenomenon, the quantity of factors and actors involved. For example, the great set of criminal and terrorist technological activities in support of organised crime and terrorist actions.

To tackle this challenge, COPKIT is developing a toolkit which will enable LEAs to act earlier thanks to better knowledge and intelligence.

Technical requirements, legal and ethical implications of COPKIT’s technology

The COPKIT workshop will be a three-day event held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 18-20 September 2018, co-organised by the Bulgarian partners Law and Internet Foundation (LIF) and the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime – Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria (GDCOC).

The first two days will bring together LEAs and practitioners in the field to define and discuss the technical, ethical, legal and societal requirements for designing COPKIT’s toolkit, which will support the Early Warning (EW)/Early Action (EA) ecosystem that the project aims to establish.

COPKIT partners will:

  • discuss the different use cases brought forward by the LEAs;
  • analyse the technological factor in the present and future of organised crime;
  • identify the technical requirements based on the current technology gaps and LEA needs.

Trilateral Research will lead the conversation on privacy and ethics issues and consult LEAs to ensure COPKIT’s technologies and applications respect societal requirements as well as EU legal and ethical principles, including privacy.

Joining forces with like-minded projects

COPKIT has been reaching out to other EU projects that have a focus on LEAs to benefit from their results and explore synergies and opportunities for collaboration. As a result, on 20 September 2018, the COPKIT partners will be joined by other EU projects working in similar fields of research to create opportunities for collaboration, share knowledge between academics and practitioners, and debate on shared interests.

COPKIT and the participating project coordinators will be giving short presentations to introduce their project’s work and their specific areas of study. Group discussions on possible topics and forms of collaboration will follow in the afternoon.

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