Our History

Trilateral Research Team Members


Founded in 2004, Trilateral Research has always focused on collaborating with organisations across the world to understand complex societal issues.

Since 2018, the company has moved away from a sole focus on research, to offering ethical AI solutions to help solve these problems.  Our rigorous research is still the foundation of our work.

Our team members are at the forefront of all things ‘data’ in our complex world: from collection, processing, analysis and modelling to the consideration of emerging policy and regulations in AI innovation. This enables us to:

Advance our software products by providing ethical AI that is driven by responsible innovation and deep knowledge of relevant social problems
Ensure our consulting services are at the cutting edge of emerging regulatory and ethical requirements and leverage the latest domain-specific insights
Continue to innovate, by driving the development of new technologies and methods for ethical AI

Our solutions make it possible for organisations to make the best use of their data. We focus our efforts on areas where the application of our software and services can make a difference in supporting decision making to enhance societal wellbeing.