Since 2004

We have been on a journey to deliver impactful solutions for complex social problems. Our foundation as a research company with a strong focus on data protection, ethics and emerging technologies has led us to the ground breaking work we do today: developing responsible and ethical AI to combat issues such as child exploitation, human trafficking, and the health impacts of air pollution, amongst many others. We are extremely proud of our team of passionate, brilliant, dedicated experts who believe in doing work that creates genuine, significant social impact. 

Trilateral: The early years

Founded as a research company, our early years marked a period of building expertise and deep knowledge at the intersection of data privacy, data ethics, and emerging technologies.Our experts developed innovative impact assessment methodologies and assessed scores of technology tools, sharing these lessons with policymakers, researchers and industry through 250+ publications, books, and conference papers, and contributions to international standards bodies. We were particularly active in the policy field, making direct contributions to dozens of UK and European policies and guidelines including the General Data Protection Regulation.

2016 and beyond: Innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration

In the mid 2010s, we began a planned transition to apply the expertise of our team to developing data driven solutions that would have significant social impact. Amongst the key learnings from over a decade of research work and collaboration with 200+ academic, industrial, and public sector partners was that having real impact on social problems would require building new methods and new ways of working. Our investment in these solutions enabled us to advance our interdisciplinary working, resulting in highly effective multi-disciplinary teams and revolutionary methodologies to create responsible and ethical AI.

We began transforming research-driven impact into research-driven innovation, bringing together social scientists, ethicists, legal experts, data scientists and technical engineers to tackle some of the most challenging issues we face in society and our team grew from 30 to 150+. We built one of the foremost data protection, cybersecurity and responsible AI consultancies in Europe. A large-scale, interdisciplinary research and development team alongside a specialist team of technical engineers, all driving innovation in cloud-based data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Trilateral Research: Responsible AI, global impact

In 2023 we launched CESIUM, the first of our responsible AI solutions that supports police and multi-agency partners to combat child exploitation. Our STRIAD:AIR application supports local communities in achieving their net zero targets through community engagement, and we continue to lead the industry in development of  responsible AI for current and future clients. As we continue to innovate, powered by an engine of recurring research-driven innovation, with applications that take on the entrenched social issues of human trafficking in supply chains, domestic and gender violence, public health and others, we are guided by our commitment to ensure that the technology we bring to market is reflective of our values. It is a privilege to be part of a company that is focused on delivering innovation and transformational social impact for the benefit of our customers and society as a whole.  

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