We are proud to partner with a number of renowned organisations on research projects that aim to understand and solve some of the complex societal issues facing the world today. 


The NO-FEAR project brings together a network of emergency medical care practitioners, suppliers, decision and policy makers to enhance crisis response and management.


The OPTIMAI project supports industrial manufacturing with a set of technologies that will improve the efficiency and quality of production.


The PACE project supports EU political and liberal institutions to mitigate the negative aspects of populist movements.


PANDEM-2 works with national, EU and international stakeholders to develop new solutions to address the impact of future pandemics in Europe.


In this collaborative project with the Universidad de La Sabana we have developed a socio-technical approach to identify patterns of child soldiers’ recruitment in illegal armed groups.


popAI aims to foster trust in the application of AI in the security domain by promoting the ethical and socially sustainable application of emerging technologies


PREFET develops a platform that helps researchers to detect promising research trends, facilitating long-term, multidisciplinary and collaborative research projects.


PREPARE develops new tools and train-the-trainer modules for frontline practitioners to enhance the resilience of children exposed to violent extremist environments.


During the ‘research chaos’ of the first hundred days of the pandemic,only 10% of research trials published their results— 90% of this work was completely wasted.


The PREVISION project supports Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to predict and detect deviant behaviour, by developing a platform to combat digital crime.

Project HAMOC

Using data to understand the human security environment with the UK Ministry of Defence.

Project TRACE

TRACE supports Law Enforcement Agencies in their fight against organised crime and terrorism by developing AI solutions to disrupt illicit money flows

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