We are proud to partner with a number of renowned organisations on research projects that aim to understand and solve some of the complex societal issues facing the world today. 


RiskPACC supports Civil Protection Authorities by developing new solutions, guidelines, and recommendations to improve the risk awareness of citizens and strengthen individual and collective disaster resilience


The ROXANNE project supports Law Enforcement Agencies to unmask criminal networks by adopting novel technologies.


SATORI develops a framework for innovation projects to ensure that ethics considerations are prioritised throughout the ideation and implementation of novel research.


SHERPA generates policy recommendations to safeguards ethical principles and human rights during the design, development, and deployment of Smart Information Systems (SIS).


The SIENNA project brings together experts, civil society organisations, and citizens to produce an ethical analysis of human genomics, human enhancement and AI & robotics.


In the Solebay project we have developed risk assessment methodologies and tools to enable the UK military to respond more effectively to modern slavery within areas of armed conflict.


SOTER is developing new technologies and a cybersecurity awareness training programme to prevent cybercrime risks in the financial sector.


The STAMINA project will develop a decision support tool and policy guidelines to better equip pandemic crises management practitioners at national and regional levels


The STAR II project supports SMEs in complying with the GDPR.


The STRATEGY project generates policy guidelines to standardise crisis management solutions across Europe.

Suvivor’s Engagement

The survivor's engagement project seeks to include the voices of survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking in the upcoming The Modern Slavery Strategy.

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