We are proud to partner with a number of renowned organisations on research projects that aim to understand and solve some of the complex societal issues facing the world today. 

Suvivor’s Engagement

The survivor's engagement project seeks to include the voices of survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking in the upcoming The Modern Slavery Strategy.


TechEthos analyses the growing ethical challenges of new technologies to prioritise ethics and societal values in the design, development and deployment of emerging technologies


TRACE supports governments and authorities to prevent and combat human trafficking by providing state of the art information on the profile of human traffickers and on the trafficking business.


Security Technology and Public Opinion

TRIM Air Quality Project

Urban air pollution remains a serious environmental problem, and as urban air quality declines, the risk of health issues such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, as well as chronic and acute respiratory diseases increase.


The TRIPS project involves end-users in the design of new accessible mobility solutions to empower people with disabilities.


The TRUST aWARE project enhances people’s trust in software and the position of the EU’s digital market by protecting the security and privacy of internet users.

Understanding crime victims’ experience

Trilateral Research is supporting the Irish Policing Authority to help protect victims of crime by researching the experiences of their interactions with the Irish police.

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