AI in Medicine: A View from Philosophy and Ethics


This chapter explores AI in medicine through a philosophical and ethical lens. This includes an examination of how AI impacts on medicine in terms of uses and promises, limitations, and risks, as well as key questions to consider. While AI offers scope for complex and large-scale data processing, with the promise of an increase in efficiency and precision, some central limitations need to be highlighted. The use of AI also brings some pertinent and predictable, as well as unpredictable risks, such as those due to biases. Also considered is what may be lost where AI replaces established processes, not least those relational and interpersonal aspects that are central to healthcare.

By covering these and related issues, this chapter offers ways to evaluate, and also balance, key benefits and risks arising from the application of AI to the medical sector.


Stephen Rainey, Yasemin J. Erden, Anais Resseguier

Date Published

September 30, 2021

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