Poking Holes: Distributed Ambivalence and Aesthetics in Sound Networks


Amid the current pandemic (COVID-19) disembodied presence has emerged as the new norm, revealing a world increasingly entangled with the technological and conceptual paradigm of the network. In this scenario, it is crucial to reconsider core axioms of the pervasive connectionist credo, acknowledging the empty space that a network subtends, the hollowness of its lattice, the ambivalence of its membership, the weave and web of its relational embodiment.

This paper enquires on how such notions map onto the music/sound domain by drawing on aesthetics for a more lucid account, while also proposing a speculative approach to tracing inner layers of these networks, through three modalities: Artificial Neural Networks, Audible Ecosystems, and Networked Music Performance.


Robin Renwick, Stefano Kalonaris, Iannis Zannos

Date Published

November 30, 2021

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