Social media and the 2013 UK heat wave: opportunities and challenges for future events


Studies examining the role of social media (SM) use in a crisis often examine the use of SM following a largescale crisis requiring an immediate response. In contrast, this working paper examines the usefulness of SM during an extended crisis, in the form of a heat wave. Authors use the 2013 UK heat wave as a case study to examine how SM was used by different stakeholders during the event, what function(s) SM had, how it was engaged with by the online community and accordingly, what value it contributed to crisis management activities. Findings show that ultimately the nature of the crisis, particularly in relation to populations who are most likely to be vulnerable to its effects, plays an integral role to the value of SM in preparation and response activities.


Hayley Watson, and Rachel L. Finn, 11th International ISCRAM Conference, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA, May 2014.

Date Published

May 1, 2014

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