Using data to understand human trafficking and modern slavery in Greater Manchester Human trafficking and modern slavery are crimes with considerable individual and societal effects. We all know that the risks and impacts of the crime need to be addressed thoroughly and holistically – but we also know that this remains a significant challenge. The […]


Combatting child exploitation CESIUM has been built with safeguarding professionals as a tool to assist in the complex risk assessment and decision making associated with safeguarding children. The ethical AI driven platform allows multi-agency data and information to be shared, integrated and analysed securely, surfacing insights and areas of concern more quickly than human analysis […]


This project has now concluded. To learn more about our continued efforts to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking, please see STRIAD:HONEYCOMB. Developing risk assessment methodologies and tools to enable the UK military response to modern slavery Background In 1808, HMS Solebay was the first British ship to be part of the Royal Navy’s anti-slavery operations patrolling the African Atlantic coast to […]