AI in healthcare: paving the way with standardisation

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Dr David Wright | Founder & Chief Research Officer

Date: 25 September 2020

AI has become one of the top strategic priorities and a key driving force of economic growth. The potential of this game-changing technology in the healthcare sector will make a huge difference for both professionals and patients.

The one-day interactive stakeholders’ workshop organised by CEN-CENELEC on 27th October 2020, is very timely as it will bring together AI specialists, policymakers and other experts to specifically focus on the impact of AI on healthcare, including case-studies from AI technology providers, tech talks, break-out sessions and panels.

While there are a multitude of potential AI applications that can provide advanced healthcare, the workshop will focus on the importance of taking existing European regulatory frameworks and health industry practices into account. With digital health developing at a fast rate, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, both European and international standards are needed to provide tools that can build trust, promote transparency, and use a common language.

David Wright, Director of Trilateral Research, will discuss the privacy and security issues associated with AI in healthcare, focusing on our research.

Our research

One of our core areas of expertise at Trilateral is understanding and anticipating the impacts of new technologies and their social, ethical, legal and political impacts in particular, with the aim of improving the respect of ethics principles and laws in research and innovation (Gobio).

We’ve been exploring the impact of new technologies at different scales and in specific domains of innovation, such as artificial intelligence, smart information systems and robotics. Read about our work in SHERPA and SIENNA.

As part of the the SATORI project, Trilateral has developed a European framework for common basic ethical principles and joint approaches and practices with the objective of harmonizing and improving ethics assessment practices of research and innovation.

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