Assessing your data makes you more efficient in protecting vulnerable persons

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Dr Hayley Watson | Director, Sociotech Innovation

Date: 8 March 2018

Digital transformation can simplify and make processes more efficient, enabling local authorities and the public sector to assist citizens and those most vulnerable in society better.

In the UK Government’s Digital Strategy there is focus on “Digital Government’, encouraging the public sector to improve its service delivery by optimising its use of technology, user interaction and data.

This is part of the overall UK Government’s commitment to position the UK as a ‘world-leading digital economy that works for everyone’.

However, at present the public sector is facing difficulties with successfully progressing with their digital transformations due to legacy software, restrictions on data sharing and organisational work practices.

As such it becomes increasingly important to consider how to advance digital transformation in an economy that is financially restricted and where there are an ever-increasing pressure and reliance on local authorities (as well as other public sector bodies).

Here at Trilateral Research, we provide the public sector with a suite of consultancy services that combine technical and social science, supporting in understanding needs, gaps and ultimately in helping public sector bodies progress along their journey.

We support them in ‘unlocking the power of data in the UK economy and improving public confidence in its use’.

We don’t simply provide technical solutions; we provide data science, social science and legal expertise to ensure a responsible approach to research and innovation.

data science, social science and legal expertise for a responsible approach to research and innovation.

Our Data Assessment Service can be utilised to advance digital transformation in one or more public sector service areas and includes the following key components:

  • Sector-based ‘as-is assessment’ – systems, data management practices & workflow, organisational culture
  • Needs assessment and prioritisation
  • Technology & Data Management ‘fit for purpose’ assessment
  • Technology & Innovation Immediate Action Points
  • Recommendations

Leading to the following outcomes:

  • Enabling joint working
  • Facilitated opportunities for effective evidence-based decision making and early upstream interventions
  • Ensure better outcomes for citizens and those most vulnerable in society
  • Enablement of a shared cross-sector data analytics offering
  • Improved data management and data quality practices
  • Optimisation of IT systems, related processes & information strategies

We understand that this is a difficult period and almost certainly a challenging environment to be operating in. Our services are flexible and we will ensure we work with you to identify and meet your objectives. If you would like to find out more, please contact our team.

For more information please contact our team.

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