Data Science Frontiers – Capturing the benefits of “extreme scale” analytics

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Dr Rachel Finn | Director, Data Protection & Cyber-risk Services / Head of Irish Operations

Date: 21 March 2018

Extreme scale analytics is characterised by a data volume, variety or velocity well beyond traditional “big data” measures, which require new computing skills and tools able to organise and analyse these enormous data sets.

This latest technological development at the frontiers of data science may have an extreme impact on specific industrial sectors or service areas, for example in healthcare, transportation or public services.

Machine learning or AI techniques could be used to supplement the work of radiologists to better distinguish between normal and abnormal readings, at scale, freeing them up to examine abnormal readings in more detail.

In Transport, better analysis of data in large cities could lead to saving more than 600 million unnecessary hours of waiting time on urban roads.

Finally, the provision of more personalised public services could radically transform the way that people interact with the government and be a counter to austerity measures popular in the last 10 years.

However, each of these areas would need access to personal data to have the “extreme impact” estimated by experts.

How to take advantage of extreme scale analytics

Our specialist teams contribute to work in this area in two ways.

First, our data scientists develop machine learning algorithms and data analytics tools to capture the benefits of these potential innovations. We break down data silos, integrate relevant data and produce insights as a result.

Second, our team of social-science specialists work with technology developers in these sectors to design systems that have accurate and representative data sets able to disrupt any algorithmic bias that may result from the way that datasets were originally constructed and collected.

In all cases, we interrogate potential data flows, features and functionalities to ensure tools and systems follow a privacy, data protection and ethics-by-design approach. Our team of GDPR-certified experts ensure that developers are supported to achieve GDPR compliance from the outset.

No matter what, all organisations seeking to capture the benefits of extreme-scale analytics will have to undergo a digital transformation. This includes:

  • preparing data,
  • preparing workflows
  • preparing staff for the coming changes

However, healthcare organisations, public authorities and large companies often find it difficult to pivot to take advantage of new opportunities. Our guidance can be crucial in these cases to assess specific needs and provide tailored solutions.

Trilateral’s combination of social science understandings and technical skills can help organisations meet all of the challenges associated with extreme-scale analytics.

If you are interested to work with us in this area, please feel free to contact our team.

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