Developing new technologies to speed up criminal network analysis

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Trilateral Research

Date: 24 October 2019

Trilateral Research joins LEAs, industry and researchers from 16 countries to develop a novel platform combining advances of speech, language and video technologies and criminal network analysis for supporting investigators in their daily work, especially on large criminal cases, speeding up the investigative processes.

Organized crime is the most challenging type of crime for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to investigate, and a substantial threat for modern societies as well as to national and international security.

Discovering criminal networks and identifying their members by combining the capabilities of speech and language technologies, visual and network analyses is the aim of the newly launched ROXANNE project.

In order to analyse criminal networks, police practitioners have to collect, analyse, and connect information from different sources including eyewitnesses, electronic audio and/or visual monitoring and also social media.

As reported by the LEAs involved in this project, typically 50%-80% of the workload per investigative case is dedicated solely to extracting preliminary information from raw data such as audio files obtained from telephone wiretaps, or other intercepted electronic communication.

Maximizing the speed of the investigation is one of the key factors in the presence of dynamically changing and technologically savvy organized criminals.

ROXANNE focuses on privacy-aware link analysis and speaker data mining to provide LEAs with a legal framework as well as the technical tools to track and uncover criminals.

Trilateral Research’s main work within the project will focus on conducting an integrated privacy and ethical impact assessment of ROXANNE technologies to ensure that the developed tools comply with European societal values, fundamental rights and applicable legislation, including ethical principles and privacy.

Officially launched on 3 September 2019, ROXANNE is a research and innovation project funded under the EU Horizon 2020 Programme. The three-year project led by the IDIAP research institute brings together 24 partners, including 10 Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), small or medium enterprises (SMEs), and representatives of industry and academia from 16 countries.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 833635

For more information on ROXANNE visit the project website or contact our team.

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