Gender Equality – box ticking is not enough

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Gender equality


Trilateral Research

Date: 18 July 2019

Gender equality is more than just badge collecting, achieving facilitated change requires more than simply ‘ticking boxes’.

Gearing Roles has a firm objective: to challenge and transform gender roles and the identities linked to professional careers, as well as work towards real institutional change.

Gearing Roles is a European Commission project, with a strong multidisciplinary consortium of 10 European academic and non-academic partners that aims to design, implement, and evaluate 6 Gender Equality Plans, following the steps described in the GEAR tool.

The Gearing Roles gender equality plan has five steps:

  • To understand how the environment and cultural contexts determine the value of different degrees and professional settings
  • Evaluate how gender roles and identities are performed in each Gender Equality Plan looking within institutions at disaggregated data of staff, degrees and professional ranks
  • To design Gender Equality Plans that involve a deeper and strategic understanding of the sociology and psychology of gender roles
  • Implement Gender Equality Plans that challenge the privileged status assigned to men by promoting women’s visibility and representation and juxtaposing their valuable contributions to knowledge creation and organizational quality to promote long-term behavioural and structural changes
  • To monitor the measures adopted and evaluate the effectiveness of the GEPs, through indicators of progress and real impact


In June 2019, Gearing Roles partners from across the EU came together to discuss how they can improve gender bias in their own institutions pursuing the objective of engaging senior leadership in the process of change. The discussion encompassed various key themes and criteria to effectively advance gender equality within research institutions, including:

  • The acknowledgement of how gendered language in different countries could be a cause for change
  • The importance of listening to women’s needs in the workplace as a starting point to create an unbiased workplace
  • The lack of credit for women’s pastoral care in nurturing new research talents

Trilateral Research is proud to manage the dissemination of the GEARING-Roles project. We are looking forward to challenging the status quo and raising awareness of discrimination, through the project’s dissemination activities.


For more information on GEARING ROLES, please contact our team:

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