Improving safety of humanitarian missions with intelligent sociotechnical solutions

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Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz
- Head of Programme for Human Trafficking and Human Rights

Date: 11 December 2017

The iTRACK project aims at improving protection and safety of humanitarian missions with intelligent sociotechnical solutions supporting aid workers operating in areas of humanitarian disaster with:

  • tracking
  • threat detection
  • navigation
  • logistics
  • coordination

In 2017 the project is as timely as when it started; this year we saw some of the worst attacks on humanitarian aid workers. With continuing crisis and famines, including in Yemen, South Sudan and Syria, it continues to be paramount to find holistic solutions that will keep aid workers and missions safe.

At Trilateral Research, we are involved to ensure that ethical and privacy considerations are embedded within the iTRACK technology developed.

On 1 December, the iTRACK consortium met in Brussels for a successful project review meeting. This was an opportunity for partners to update the EU Commission and reviewers on the results to date and provide an initial demonstration of the platform. The next months will see the completion of an integration phase followed by simulations held in The Netherlands in April. The simulation will test usability and ethics of the technology while serving as training and assessment of the iTRACK procedures and processes.

iTRACK is designed to be a cost-effective open source system, supporting organisations even when resources may be limited. To further facilitate its uptake by humanitarian organisations operating in conflict and complex disasters missions, we co-design technology and policies with humanitarian practitioners with pilot applications with the World Food Programme and iMMAP in on-going conflict disasters in the Middle East.


The iTRACK project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 700510.

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