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Research Highlights: Identifying the link between human trafficking and homelessness

human trafficking and homelessness

In one of our latest research projects, The TRACE project, alongside coordinating the consortium we led the analysis of how technology is being used in the trafficking of human beings and how it can help combat this crime.

In delving into this research area, we have realised that while ‘one set of activists and legislators have fought to end human trafficking, a different group have worked tirelessly to try to end homelessness…’ However,  the two are interlinked.

Although many research pieces have been written separately about human trafficking and homelessness, there is a lack of serious scholarship considering the relationship between the two. Julia Muraszkiewicz’s new research “Addressing interlinked social problems: Human trafficking and homelessness” goes in the direction of closing this gap and this is where the originality of her work lies.

As shown in her research, homeless persons are receptive to the means used by traffickers to lure people into situations of exploitation. At the same time, victims of human trafficking continue to be at the risk of homelessness and re-trafficking after they leave safe houses and support projects.

Julia’s aim in writing this piece is to increase awareness on the relationship between human trafficking and homelessness and bring forth England as a case study of a State where consideration is given to the two phenomena in parallel. Read her article here.

To read more on how new technologies can help in preventing homelessness, please read Olivia Ianelli’s article here.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our work in this area. Julia Muraszkiewicz is Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research and has recently joined the editorial board of the Journal of Human Trafficking.

For more information on this research area please contact our team.

Julia Muraszkiewicz

Head of Sociotech Insights Group

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