Streamlining and validating standards for crisis management – Join the STRATEGY CEN/CENELEC workshops

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Panagiotis Loukinas
- Research Analyst

Date: 19 January 2022

Crisis management involves the coordination of a number of organisations and authorities across countries. It is often the case that differences in organisational set ups, decision-making processes, infrastructure and approach can result in poor disaster response.

Within this context, the H2020 project STRATEGY  seeks to promote pre-standardization of systems and procedures related to Crisis Management by streamlining, testing and validating standards, guidelines and recommendations; focusing on interoperability aspects according to the operational needs of practitioners.

Invitation to Interested Stakeholders

Following previous announcement of its first CEN workshops, STRATEGY project invites all interested stakeholders to attend the upcoming kick off meetings (and/or join) to contribute to the drafting of the CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA) listed below:

  1. “Structuring the emergency response plans of public safety agencies focusing on incidents such as CBRN and waste disposal plants emergencies” – 27th January 2022
  2. “Standardisation of Implementation Guidelines for evaluation and assessment reporting of exercises for crisis management” – 8th February 2022
  3. “Specifications for Digital Scenarios for Search and Rescue Exercises” – 10th February 2022
  4. “Management of forest fire incidents – SITAC-based symbology” – 16th February 2022
  5. “Collaborative Emergency Response – Communication and sharing of operational information among multiple public safety agencies”– 18th February 2022
  6. International and interinstitutional crisis and disaster management – Guideline for the mapping of terminology and icons1st March 2022
  7. Requirements for acquiring digital information from victims during Search and Rescue operations– 14th March 2022
  8. Guidelines for effective social media messages in crisis and disaster management– 21st March 2022
  9. Emergency Management – Rapid damage assessment of buildings and alerting protocol– 22nd March 2022
  10. Improvement of information processing in crisis management of critical infrastructures for computer assisted data gathering, display and reporting–  6th April 2022

This process will offer a unique collaboration opportunity for interested parties to engage in a constructive dialogue with crisis management experts, standardization bodies, industry and research representatives, technology providers, first responders and end-users. All interested stakeholders are kindly invited to declare their willingness to participate in one or several of the aforementioned Workshops using the respective registration form and to visit the dedicated project web page, as well as CEN News page, that will be continuously updated with announcements of additional workshops. Please feel free to forward this invitation to additional stakeholders that may also be interested.

Promoting EU-Wide Standards & Policy

STRATEGY will support policymakers and relevant authorities in their efforts to improve the management of cross-border crises by increasing the harmonisation of disaster management systems, tools and procedures. To achieve this, STRATEGY will address standardization aspects of the above eight thematic streams through drafting a total of eleven CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs) in properly planned CEN/CENELEC Workshops and two new CEN Technical Specifications (TS) in cooperation with the relevant CEN Technical Committee.

For any further information regarding the above, please contact the STRATEGY project coordinator at .

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