Trilateral’s Dissemination and Stakeholder Engagement Services

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Dr Su Anson
- Head of Innovation & Research

Date: 22 March 2017

Here at Trilateral, we recognize the importance of effective dissemination and stakeholder engagement and deliver these services for the European Commission funded FORTRESSINSPEC2T and ResiStand projects.

In developing dissemination and communication strategies, we carefully design our objectives to ensure the maximum impact for our clients considering what they would like to achieve and how they would like key target stakeholders to respond. At the core of our approach is performing a stakeholder analysis to identify our client’s key target stakeholders and understand their motivations, interests, needs and drivers. Trilateral has significant experience of undertaking research to identify relevant stakeholders, generating individual contacts and using these to the benefit of our clients. We work with a variety of stakeholders including government organisations, end-users, industry, research/academia, funding bodies, and the news media. Further information on the different types of organisation that we work with is available here.

We tailor our messages and the communication channels used to the strategy’s objectives and target audience. Trilateral has significant experience of using a variety of communication channels to reach different types of stakeholders. In addition to managing project websites, social media campaigns, and events, and publishing via peer-reviewed journal articles, academic book publications, mass media publications and industry and trade magazines, Trilateral provides graphic design services specialising in the design of posters, brochures, logos, and newsletters. In designing communications material, we focus on ensuring user engagement, regularly designing eye-catching infographics to appeal to the target audience. Examples of our design work are provided below.

A key component of our dissemination and stakeholder engagement strategy is monitoring and evaluation to monitor the effectiveness of different types of strategies and to ensure that the KPIs set at the outset are achieved. We monitor our strategies regularly making use of Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights, and MailChimp campaign analysis to understand the effectiveness of how we are engaging with our target audience. This enables us to adjust our strategy accordingly to ensure impact.


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