What will future governments look like?

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Tally Hatzakis
- Senior Research Analyst

Date: 22 November 2017

As new internet and communication technologies are transforming the idea of an Open Government into an achievable and upcoming reality, we want to engage with as many different communities as possible to ask for their feedback on our new Open Government blueprint.

The CLARITY project is supporting the Open eGovernment community in Europe in outlining the public administration innovation strategies for the next ten years, with the aim to improve the quality of decision-making and promote greater trust in public institutions.

Tally Hatzakis, CLARITY’s project manager on behalf of Trilateral Research commented:

“One too many policies are developed in a top-down way, not addressing people’s interests and priorities, leading to people feeling disenfranchised. We want to redress this and seek to expand our circle of consultation by reaching out to different groups with different interests and invite their views and feedback. Given the impact of such policies on all of us, it is important to collect everybody’s views to ensure their interests are represented in policy development, funding priorities and implementation planning.”

The Open eGovernment Blueprint

Based on desk research, as well as several consultations and focus groups, the CLARITY team has developed an initial blueprint for the Open eGovernment overall and specific strategies for four main domain areas:

The CLARITY blueprint will influence the direction and funding of eGovernment working in collaboration with a variety of European platforms:

  • FUTURIUM platform for European citizens to discuss EU policies
  • JOINUP platform for e-Government professionals to share their experience with each other
  • the project sister INSO projects to achieve a stronger impact on policy implementation

Get involved, share your views and send your feedback to influence policy in the right direction.

Open Government of the Future Conference

The CLARITY conference Open Government of the Future will be an opportunity to discuss what governments will look like in ten-year time. We will analyse the potential impact of innovative technologies and regulations and how communities can leverage the digital transformation and maximise its benefits.

Some of the world’s leading experts in the field, along with public actors at the forefront of digital innovation will share their knowledge and experiences at The Great Northern in Skellefteå, February 14 – 15, 2018. To join us, please sign up here.

For media and press

While we will directly contact journalists to support the project effort to reach out to the public audience and to as many communities as possible; please feel free to contact us if your media or press outlet would like to participate in the conference.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a first-hand experience of CLARITY’s Blueprint, outlining the public administration innovation strategies in policy development, funding priorities and implementation planning for the next ten years.



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