Working together to address the socioeconomic challenge of forced displacement

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Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz
- Head of Programme for Human Trafficking and Human Rights
Olivia Iannelli
- Senior Research Analyst

Date: 10 December 2017

Trilateral Research would like to join other partners to write a proposal for the upcoming H2020 EU project addressing the socioeconomic challenge of people displaced by conflict and disasters. Read here for more information.

The deadline for submissions is 13 March November 2018, and we would like to contribute with our expertise on human rights, humanitarian crises, European policy and law.

The world’s forcibly displaced population remains at record levels. According to UNHCR, “65.6 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations” in 2016. The responsibility of hosting, however, has not been shared evenly with only about 15 countries consistently hosting the majority of refugees worldwide. Due to the severity of the current situation, it is vital more than ever before to help address this issue; in particular the long-term, social and economic dimensions of mass displacement, integration of refugees and settlement strategies.

The main priorities of this project are:
– Investigate the medium and long-term socioeconomic dimensions of mass displacement when forcibly displaced persons are in camps, hosting areas or unprotected, underprepared urban settings
– Socio-psychological dimensions of forced displacement and gender-related issues
– Reception and settlement strategies and their impact on livelihoods
– Opportunities and challenges for displaced people and for hosting communities
– The potential and resistance to the integration of displaced people
– Solutions to ease the pressure on hosting communities
– Foster dialogue build trust and resilience between refugees and host communities

We can contribute with our experience in research and the provision of strategic, policy and regulatory advice on human rights. Trilateral has worked on over 50 projects many of which are EU funded. One of the latest was the TRACE project but there are many more which you can explore on our website.

Due to our knowledge of research ethics within multi-partner projects, we are an ideal partner to ensure that the project is adhering to European and national principles on ethics, research and innovation. Trilateral can provide 14 years of experience in writing proposals as well as support in the dissemination of the project through our dedicated marketing team

Please contact out team for a new collaboration.

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