Working together to enable responsible, secure and sustainable data-driven innovation in the transport sector

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Trilateral Research

Date: 30 November 2017

Trilateral is looking for partners to support the deployment of smart mobility, connected transport applications and vehicles in Europe by ensuring responsible data-driven innovation.

We will coordinate and build a consortium for the upcoming EU H2020 project call focused on: New regulatory frameworks to enable effective deployment of emerging technologies and business/operating models for all transport modes.

Trilateral is seeking to build a strong consortium with experience in:

  • smart mobility, including shared-use, multi-modal and automated transportation, mobility-as-a-service,
  • data-driven innovation,
  • policy analysis and policy making,
  • impact assessments,
  • data regulation and ICT law,
  • transportation economics,
  • stakeholder engagement and other related fields.

The goal of Trilateral’s concept of this project is to compare, assess and recommend regulatory and policy approaches, guidelines and best practices to enable, support and safeguard smart mobility. The project will have a double focus:

Protecting citizens and society by ensuring responsible data-driven innovation:

  • (Cyber)security of data
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Safety
  • Social protection

Supporting European companies through enabling data-driven innovation:

  • Data exchange and accessibility models
  • Competition aspects of data

Our concept has been based on research of international and European regulation, policies and strategies in the fields of transportation, digitalisation, environmental protection, urban modernisation, economic development and others.

Trilateral offers a strong background in leading successful proposals and carrying out multidisciplinary research work, regulatory analysis and policy recommendations to a standard of excellence. We have established expertise in the fields of data protection, privacy, ethics, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure security and smart cities through our participation in various FP7 and H2020-funded projects, as well as contractual work for the European Commission, ENISA, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the OECD and others. Additionally, Trilateral possesses knowledge regarding various commercial and competition-related aspects of ICT law, including interoperability, harmonization, standardisation, open data and data exchange.


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