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We help you achieve compliance and implement best practices in Responsible AI and data ethics.

We assess the transparency, trustworthiness and accountability of AI systems to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, and to develop a human-centred, tailored approach. We help you ensure compliance while minimising risk, resulting in practical, responsible AI solutions. Regardless of whether you’re a startup, a larger company, or a public sector organisation, we are here to help you deploy AI at scale in a trustworthy, responsible manner 


Well-trained staff

Expert support

Access to specialists who have been doing this work for 15+ years.

Tailored advice

Tailored advice

Receive advice and recommendations tailored to your business practices and AI systems.

Practical inputs

Practical inputs

Information you can use immediately. You’ll know what to do and how to do it.

Building trust

Building trust

By demonstrating your commitment to the responsible use of AI, you build trust among your customers.


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Service Portfolio

Through our range of services, we help you implement the principles of Responsible AI, comply with AI laws and regulations, and guide you to create and use technology in a trustworthy and responsible way.  

We can support you to address general responsible AI issues and build robust data ethics frameworks, including identifying and mitigating any bias in data sets or algorithms, demonstrating algorithmic transparency, implementing explainable AI and tackling privacy issues. We have experience in complex areas processing the most sensitive data, such as policing, children safeguarding, health and social care, education, employment and recruitment. 

Why Trilateral Research?

Why Trilateral Research?

Why Trilateral Research?

Latest Insights

Success Stories

Kevin Flanagan

CEO, CO-opts

You helped us understand that ethics is a dynamic balancing act between good and bad outcomes and taught us how to fashion the tools to walk that tightrope


West Midlands Police

Trilateral were commissioned by the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS) to produce an independent academic evaluation of our Modern Slavery use-case… providing commentary on, amongst other things, the precision and recall rate of our tool along with essential ethical considerations… I found Trilateral to be professional, knowledgeable and supportive… [and they] provided the insight we needed to move the project forwards.

Alan Gooden


ADVP contracted with Trilateral to produce an evidence-based report on the work of our industry in order to support our engagement strategy. From the outset, the Trilateral team worked closely with us to clarify the brief and keep us updated as the project progressed. It was clear that Trilateral cared about delivering exactly what we asked for. The Trilateral team delivered a final product which was accurate, relevant, on time, and on budget. We were very pleased with the result, and we have made good use of the product since.’ 

Commitment to Quality

Our ethics services and methods have been built out of 15 years of research, co-design with clients and empirical validation. All of our work includes a quality manager and review process. To find out more, please contact our team.

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