Episode 7 – Prof Daniel Bar-Tal: Society, subjectivity, and the psychology of security

In this episode we speak to Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, an academic, social psychologist, author, and laureate of the Morton Deutsch Conflict Resolution Award of the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence. We discuss what it means for someone to feel secure, the subjectivity of individual and societal insecurity, and the importance of […]

Episode 5 – Fred Koolhof: People, elephants, and dialogue

In this episode, we speak with Fred Koolhof about the power of dialogue in facilitating communication between groups and understanding and resolving conflict. This conversation is especially relevant to the people-centric concept of human security, which compels us to think more deeply about understanding how different groups and populations develop their own sense of safety and security.  Fred is a reserve officer in the Dutch military. He has worked as a civil-military […]

Episode 4 – Rachel Agelou: Human security and humanitarian affairs

Coming to us directly from the field, in this podcast Rachel Agelou talks to us about her human security work at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), including its work in military communication. From Rachel we learn how different crisis actors – military and humanitarian sector – operate in the same space in order to facilitate human security. Rachel, like our guest in episode 4, emphasises the importance of using a common language to enable […]

Episode 3 – Lt Col Leon Marshall: Dissertation, deployments, and doing human security

In this episode, we speak with Major Leon Marshall, a UK Royal Marine Commando who is focussing on what human security means for UK forces, specifically the Commandos. Leon discusses how he first become introduced to the concept of human security and then went on to study the concept in-depth for his dissertation. He talks about the changing nature of military activities in light of the evolution of the contemporary operating environment, and also touches […]