Episode 2 – Dr Martijn Dekker: People, conflict, and security from below

In this podcast our guest, an academic at Amsterdam University, makes us think about how people view security from their own perspective and what it really means to be secure or to have human security. Martijn also discusses different actors who provide security to the populations, including organised crime groups. Listen to this episode to find out about human security for whom and by whom.    Martijn Dekker is […]

Episode 1 – Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz and Toby Fenton: Humans of security.

In this episode, Julia Muraszkiewicz and Toby Fenton introduce the Humans of Security podcast by outlining the concept of human security and why it matters. In particular, they focus on what human security means for military and humanitarian planners and decision-makers. Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz is a Practice Manager at Trilateral Research. She focuses on using sociotechnical approaches […]