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Data is valuable.
Insight is

An end-to-end service to help you optimise data to derive meaningful insights to support decision making

Leveraging our subject matter expertise at the crossroads of social science and ethical technology, we help organisations use data in a more meaningful way. We assist in defining short- and long-term objectives, define questions and needs, and deliver practical knowledge and concrete plans on how to better use data to address complex societal issues.


Understand the problem, really

Organizations face tough challenges and increasing pressure to deliver results fast. Sustainable solutions need a firm foundation of understanding. Let us help you step back and take a moment to really understand the problems you’re facing.

Choosing the right data

There’s an abundance of data out there. We help you get hold of the right data, in the right way, and use it responsibly to make better decisions.

Saving precious time

We understand that wrestling with an abundance of data takes time and effort, but the right methods and processes make all the difference. Through our data services, we collect, clean, process, and prepare relevant data for integration into your decision-making operations – helping you respond with greater agility to changing circumstances

Extract meaning from data

It takes more than a mountain of data to understand and solve complex societal problems. Using our in-depth subject expertise, we help you grasp what the data is saying (and what it’s not) so that you, the human, stay in control of the decision-making loop.

Knowledge transfer

Make use of our vast experience designing and delivering high-quality training programmes, and empower your team with information and skills needed to fight the good fight.

Service Portfolio

Our range of sociotechnical services help you to come up with an innovative solution for complex problems.

Why Trilateral Research?

Why Trilateral Research?

Why Trilateral Research?

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Success Stories

Senior Adviser and Head of Human Trafficking Unit

Council of the Baltic Sea States

The Council of the Baltic Sea States commissioned the Trilateral Research to develop  a report on forced labour and human trafficking for labour exploitation in Poland. The work was highly professional and exceeded expectations of the CBSS.  It is always a pleasure to cooperate with knowledgeable, reliable, passionate and attentive to detail professionals who will go an extra mile to deliver the best service. If you want to have a high quality, progressive, detailed and an interesting report in the field of human trafficking, contact Julia [Muraszkiewicz, Head of SIG]

Major Leon Marshall

UK Royal Marines

The course delivered by Trilateral Research was engaging, knowledgeable and relevant to our operational areas. Their breadth of expertise delivered an excellent afternoon of Professional Military Education for members of 40 Commando which carried on in conversation and debate well into the evening.

Robert Parker

Head of Data and Analytics at Guys and St. Thomas’ Charity

The team at Trilateral were very good at explaining the technical side of the project in plain English. The team was responsive to feedback and helped tailor the dashboards to meet our requirements. Trilateral were extremely helpful with setting up the cloud infrastructure, including all the necessary set up and installation for Amazon Web Services. 

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