STRIAD:AI Assurance

Futureproof your AI compliance

Develop and deploy responsible AI at scale with our end-to-end framework and AI governance tool, STRIAD:AI Assurance.

A holistic partnership

Become a first-mover in responsible AI, wherever you are on your journey. Build the compliance pillars to take your vision forward, and then use our all-in-one AI governance platform to scale them.

Empower AI innovation

Encourage a culture of innovation with the confidence to build and maintain compliant AI.

Manage risks proactively

Empower decision making with risk insights that build on your internal good practices.

Scale compliantly

Stay ahead of legislation as you scale your AI solutions with a centralised governance platform.

STRIAD:AI Assurance features

Maintain and scale responsible AI solutions with our risk management and AI governance platform – now and into the future. 

Simplify complex processes with one centralised, convenient platform.  

  • Get full oversight of your AI tools and associated risks 
  • Save time and capacity with streamlined workflows 
  • Assess your AI portfolio’s performance dynamically 

Gain full visibility of risk insights to make informed decisions proactively.  

  • Automate risk ratings, compliance checks, and performance reports 
  • Conduct bias audits and policy reviews seamlessly 
  • Get alerts when you need to take next steps 

Create a central point of truth to improve transparency and accountability. 

  • Enjoy hassle-free integration with a SaaS model 
  • Build on internal values, data privacy principles, and more 
  • Invite team members into assignments for more collaboration 

Drive confidence in AI adoption and innovation across the entire organisation. 

  • Access a full programme of expert support, advice and training  
  • Build internal skills for long-term compliance confidence 
  • Encourage the responsible innovation and uptake of AI 

Use cases

STRIAD:AI Assurance benefits the private and public sector, with use cases for finance, healthcare, public services, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and education.  

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Find out how you could accelerate your path to compliant AI with our STRIAD:AI Assurance partnerships and platform. 

    Your partner for responsible AI

    We’ll help you build AI solutions that align with your internal values and comply with the relevant principles. Then, the STRIAD:AI Assurance platform will help you stay on track.  

    Case studies

    Case Studies


    A large healthcare organisation wanted to make use of new AI tools for providing healthcare services, including large-scale monitoring of serious side effects from various pharmaceutical products. However, the compliance team were hesitant to give the green light to the use of these tools out of concern for privacy, data security and the requirements of the forthcoming AI Act. In partnership with the compliance team and business units, Trilateral Research co-designed and implemented an AI Risk Assessment tool that supported business units to identify, understand and evaluate the risks they were accepting. It also provided peace of mind to the compliance team that all the key risks were being proactively addressed.

    Public Sector

    A European public sector organisation wanted to carry out an assessment of the benefits of using AI in their internal operations, as well as the associated legal, ethical and regulatory risks of various tools. The starting point of the assessment was an AI tools inventory, including system owners, capabilities, purposes and data sets integrated. Second, we provided a risk assessment tool to support ongoing assurance by the compliance team and business units and better decision making by system owners and business units. A key component of the programme was working directly with agency staff to ensure the system fit their existing context and that it was easy to implement. Finally, we undertook a large-scale training exercise to ensure relevant staff could use the system independently. As a result of this work, the agency was able to implement and upscale its use of AI tools ethically and responsibly across various business units and projects – capturing the benefits of AI when providing public services. Furthermore, they were able to do so whilst ensuring compliance with current and forthcoming EU AI regulations and providing strong protections to the (sometimes vulnerable) members of the public they serve.

    Why Trilateral Research?

    We already build responsible AI

    We‘re already developing and deploying responsible AI to support a range of important social challenges – from safeguarding children to tackling air pollution. 

    We contribute to AI legislation

    We understand – and have even shaped – the legislation around responsible AI. Today, our clients include regulators and data protection authorities (DPAs) from 50+ countries. 

    We understand data protection

    With a specialist team of data scientists, compliant specialists, ethicists, engineers, researchers, and subject matter experts, we have a deep understanding of data protection in practice. 

    We’re end-to-end partners

    We’re not consultants or platform providers. As your partner, we’ll identify the challenges you’re facing, find a solution, and collaborate with your team to build it.  

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