Empowering air quality initiatives, improving public health

Providing hyperlocal modelling of air pollution and its direct impact on
health, turning data into real change.

Hyperlocal health modelling

STRIAD:AIR shows the effects of air pollution on health in areas as small as a few hundred households.

Impactful insights to make change

Use information on childhood asthma, heart disease, strokes, lung cancer and more conditions to show the real harm of air pollution.

Expert knowledge, clear communication

Our data is based on top quality environmental and health science but communicated ready for the public to use.

Use your existing data

Bring your own air quality data or ask us about deploying monitors for you.

Engage with your community

Expert scientific support for your consultations, school events and public engagement exercises.

Meet your net zero targets

Ongoing community buy-in on all your initiatives supporting your net zero and air quality goals.

Our approach to Ethical AI

Our Ethical AI solutions tackle complex social problems using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, data visualisation and integration, and cloud computing, with a strong focus on ethics and data protection as the key catalyst for a sustainable use of AI in the future.


How STRIAD:AIR is helping Meath County Council
make the case for net zero

Use cases

Our team


Trilateral is founded on robust research methods and insights, with our researchers informing best practice and continuous improvement in the development and delivery of all our solutions.

Data Scientists

Data science is core to our work, with our team developing robust algorithms, machine learning and insights to inform your decision making.

Engineers and Designers

Our team of engineers and designers are dedicated to developing user-focused solutions that embody positive user experience, system performance and security in our products.

Environmental and Health Scientists

Our environmental scientists have deep knowledge about air pollution, climate change and net zero, while our health and behaviour researchers know how to turn insights into change.


Our ethicists provide a unique insight into all facets of the work that we do, identifying biases, and ensuring transparency, explainability, accountability and human-led decision making.

Data Protection​

Our data protection specialists ensure that privacy, security, and fair treatment of personal data is at the heart of our solutions, implementing robust data governance practices throughout.

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