Harmonising European cybersecurity strategies to tackle cybercrime

Cybersecurity strategies

Cybercrime is a complex and dynamically evolving form of transnational crime which is causing enormous economic and social harm to our world. Due to its transnational nature and complexity, combatting cybercriminality greatly depends on developing a coordinated and harmonised approach to cybersecurity strategies and cybercriminality policies across European borders. Trilateral coordinates the H2020 CC-DRIVER project […]

Combating Cybercriminality by Understanding Human and Technical Drivers

combatting cyber criminality

Trilateral Research joins twelve partners from across the EU in the newly launched three-year Horizon 2020 project CC-DRIVER to examine the drivers behind cybercriminality in the EU with a special focus on the factors that lead young people to cybercrime. “Booming cybercriminality is causing enormous economic and social costs in our societies across the globe. […]