How can citizens and society engage and benefit from digital transformation?

The idea that digital transformation can have a considerable sustainable impact on the public sector and, consequently on society, it is at the heart of Trilateral Research work. Combining technology development with social science expertise, we investigate how data analytics, artificial intelligence, and new ICT technologies can transform our society for the better. As coordinator […]

Digital transformation for the public sector: The case for National Health Services

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Public authorities across Europe are under pressure to maintain and improve the quality of public services despite austerity cuts and demographic changes, which see an ageing population requiring increasing health and social care arrangements. National Health Services across Europe, for example, suffer the impact of Europe’s ageing population and stalled economic growth. There is a […]

What will future governments look like?

As new internet and communication technologies are transforming the idea of an Open Government into an achievable and upcoming reality, we want to engage with as many different communities as possible to ask for their feedback on our new Open Government blueprint. The CLARITY project is supporting the Open eGovernment community in Europe in outlining […]

CLARITY – Eight considerations for the up-take of open eGovernment services in Europe

We are the project co-ordinator for the Horizon 2020 funded CLARITY project, which focuses on driving up-take of open eGovernment services in Europe.  Further to leading the project, Trilateral has also undertaken research to arrive at key considerations for the up-take of eGovernment services in Europe, which are presented in the newly published  project report D2.3 […]

Updates from the CLARITY project

The CLARITY project is now nearing its halfway point and we wanted to share with you some of our work in 2016 and what is upcoming in the next year. Our work in 2017 will feature: A Catalogue of open eGoverment applications across Europe The CLARITY marketplace for open eGoverment services, where developers can upload, review and download best […]