Adopting co-creation processes to build innovation into end-users’ practices

Co Creation

Co-creation workshops rely on extensive interaction between participants. During co-creation, collaborators define an issue and undertake work to collectively create a solution to address it. Through the co-creation process, the latent knowledge of experts can be expressed, and manifest in the solutions produced. Co-creation is particularly valuable for many of Trilateral’s projects, which often involve […]

A new approach to designing transport systems

accessible transport

Trilateral Research, alongside our partners in the TRIPS project, is in a vex of redesigning and reinvesting in urban transport systems in European cities. This holds a great promise for making them accessible for all from their inception. One in five Europeans currently face some mobility issue, and this ratio is expected to rise as […]

Giving voice to end-users’ needs in designing new transport systems

Trilateral Research joins 11 organisations from across Europe in the newly launched H2020 TRIPS project. The ambition of the project is to take practical steps to address and pre-empt discrimination against disabled citizens and all people who experience barriers and challenges in using urban transport. “You only need empathy in design, if you have excluded the people you claim to have empathy […]

How to make ethics visible through design

Ethics through design

Ethics is not a ‘thing’ to be designed into a technology or into data analytics because ethics are enacted, in situ, in context. Designing in ways that encourage ethical outcomes requires thinking critically about what the design work is doing. Privacy by design is a very good tool to start with, but even this requires […]

Risk Management: identifying risks to achieve sustainable impact

Risk managementTRI

At Trilateral Research we think managing risks is critical, both in the development of emerging technologies and in ensuring safety and security. All our projects involve some type of risk management. The use of risk assessment is critical to identifying, understanding and mitigating potential risks thereby enhancing decision making, responsible research and innovation and many […]