Working together to address extreme ideologies and polarisation

Trilateral Research is developing a proposal for an EU funded project focused on addressing extreme ideologies and polarisation. We are looking to collaborate with key actors (e.g., policy makers, government officials), institutions (e.g., educational institutions, health institutions, faith groups, Law Enforcement Agencies) and organisations (e.g., civil society organisations, charities) involved in addressing extreme ideologies and […]

Working together to address the socioeconomic challenge of forced displacement

Defence Crisis Security

Trilateral Research would like to join other partners to write a proposal for the upcoming H2020 EU project addressing the socioeconomic challenge of people displaced by conflict and disasters. Read here for more information. The deadline for submissions is 13 March November 2018, and we would like to contribute with our expertise on human rights, […]

Working together to enable responsible, secure and sustainable data-driven innovation in the transport sector

Transport 2 1

Trilateral is looking for partners to support the deployment of smart mobility, connected transport applications and vehicles in Europe by ensuring responsible data-driven innovation. We will coordinate and build a consortium for the upcoming EU H2020 project call focused on: “New regulatory frameworks to enable effective deployment of emerging technologies and business/operating models for all […]