Trilateral Insights

Get the latest insights from across Trilateral in our new monthly article, featuring the latest developments from across our innovation, research and project teams. Insights | Law Enforcement and Community Safeguarding AI and policing – how can we ensure ethical and sustainable practices?  In October 2023, the EU funded popAI project marked its conclusion after […]

Top Tips for Incident Response Planning

October is Cyber Security Month and it’s a good time to reflect on your organisation’s preparedness for responding to a serious incident such as a cyber-attack. Preparing for an incident is money well spent. Having well tested plans will ensure your response to an incident is more efficient and effective than it may otherwise have […]

Trilateral Insights

Get the latest insights from across Trilateral in our new monthly article, featuring the latest developments from across our innovation, research and project teams. Insights | Health Making public transport more accessible benefits everybody A recent study we conducted in the  EU-funded TRIPS project found that making public transport more accessible could increase use across all demographics, […]

Navigating Data Scraping Challenges: Protecting User Privacy in the Digital Age

On August 24, 2023, 12 data protection authorities members of the Global Privacy Alliance’s International Enforcement Cooperation Working Group, including the Information Commissioner’s Office, adopted a joint statement concerning data scraping. The joint statement primarily addresses the privacy risks associated with data scraping and also offers an overview of measures that organizations and individuals can […]

Preparing for NIS 2 Directive: Obligations and Implementation Strategies

On 16 January 2023 the NIS 2 Directive (Directive (EU) 2022/2555 on measures for a high common level of cybersecurity across the Union) came into force. NIS 2 is a continuation, expansion and replacement of the original cybersecurity directive NIS 1 (Directive EU 2016/1148). NIS 2 aims to future-proof NIS 1 on account of the […]

Cybersecurity Threat Predictions for 2023

For the year 2023, can we predict what new and emerging cybersecurity threats individuals, businesses, and governments are going to face? How can we prepare for such threats and what tools can be used to combat them? With technological advancements promoting heightened reliance on the cyber realm for personal, business, and governmental activities, cybersecurity is […]

Regulating Cybersecurity: The EDPS Opinion on the Proposal for a Regulating  Cybersecurity and the Creation of a High Common Standard for EUIs (European Union Institutions)

The Proposed European Commission Proposal for Cybersecurity Regulation lays down measures for a high common level of cybersecurity at the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union (EUIs). The Proposal constitutes one of the regulatory initiatives of the EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade from 16 December 2020. It will impact EUIs and […]

ENISA’s Cybersecurity Certification

ENISA Cybersecurity Certification

On 2nd–3rd June, ENISA held the 2022 edition of its Cybersecurity Certification Conference. The conference focused on the future of certification and how certification schemes will be developed and implemented as part of the EU’s certification approach. The ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference provided insightful presentations and panel discussions from cybersecurity experts, service providers, Conformity Assessment […]

What the Public Sector Cyber Security Baseline Standards Mean for your Organisation

The cyber-attack on the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) in 2021 brought cybersecurity into sharp focus, particularly for public service bodies (PSBs). If the likelihood of cyber incidents of this nature and impact seemed remote to many within the public sector prior to this attack, they were now fully aware of their vulnerability. The introduction […]

Analysing the human-factor-based aspects of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has been a topic of great interest over recent years, in the news, legal policies, and within research, while also gaining prominence in both our personal and professional lives. The financial sector is a critical industry in terms of cybersecurity due to the economic and reputational repercussions if attacked. The NIS Directive, an EU-wide […]