Providing safe educational technologies – a guide for educators

The current response to the Coronavirus is making massive changes to all our lives, but it’s also accelerating various existing trends. One of these has been to move education online, due to the closure or suspension of schools and universities. Educators have had to move incredibly rapidly, in order to get something that works well […]

How can new technology support career development?

Career development

Trilateral Research is a partner in the EU-funded research project DEVELOP: Developing careers through social networks and transversal competencies. The aim of the project is to build a software tool that will help employees plan their career development and get feedback on their competencies and skills, and on their workplace social capital. In this project, […]

Assessing the Ethical, Legal and Social Impacts of new technologies: the DEVELOP project case study


Trilateral’s interdisciplinary team is made of data scientists, computer scientists, social scientists and ethical and legal experts who develop, test and implement technologies that pay attention to ethical, legal and social impacts, respects human rights and dignities, and avoids negative and unwanted outcomes. We work across the technology-social disciplinary divide both when we engage in […]

Trilateral hosts workshop with privacy and ethics experts for the DEVELOP project

The DEVELOP project is building an adaptive learning environment that supports people in medium and large companies to explore and plan learning opportunities and careers, drawing upon multiple forms of assessment, including social capital analysis. As a partner in the DEVELOP consortium Trilateral is contributing to this design, and leading the project’s work on privacy, ethical and […]