Coordinated Enforcement Action on the role of Data Protection Officers: What to Expect?

In March 2023, the EDPB announced a second coordinated enforcement action focused on the role of Data Protection Officers (DPOs). This article delves into the this recent announcement by discussing the intended role of the DPO, the expected questions included in the action. The article will also elaborate on the approaches of different Supervisory Authorities […]

STAR Research project launches free and open GDPR training materials

Trilateral has worked with DPAs, academics and business to develop a set of freely available GDPR training materials which will be presented in this month’s project final conference in Brussels and Tirana. In this article, David Barnard-Wills, Research Manager at Trilateral Research, presents the  DPAs’ approach to training in countries across the EU, the gaps in the current materials, and […]