Avoiding phishing emails in the workplace

Phishing Emails

From the start of the COVID-19 health crisis in March to the first half of July, doctors, nurses and healthcare support staff in the NHS have been hit by a total of 43,108 phishing emails. Obtained from a Freedom of Information request to NHS Digital, this data reveals how the healthcare sector represents the preferred […]

Improving cybersecurity for remote workers

Flexible working arrangements have been a growing trend in recent years, allowing staff to balance office life and the daily commute with working from home. In some cases, organisations have developed a fully remote workforce. This has been possible because the technology and tools that enable these ways of working have evolved in recent years […]

Monitoring in the Workplace: Employer Considerations

Employee Privacy

As employers, managers need to be aware of their employees’ right to a reasonable expectation of privacy in the workplace, but what does this mean on the ground? Many employers still need additional support to recognise the scope of this obligation and implement adequate controls to mitigate privacy and data protection issues. The terms privacy […]

The DPC publishes guidance on securing cloud-based environments

Cloud based environments e1564134854902

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) in Ireland has published guidance for organisations to follow in order to ensure their cloud-based environments are secure. The DPC recommends all organisations using any type of cloud-based environment: review their default security settings, create clear policies and properly train staff, understand and monitor the data that is stored in […]