Security, privacy and trust in software – assessing the ethical impact of technology

Protecting privacy and digital security are becoming increasingly important in everyday life. A lack of trust in software and how it deals with or exposes personal information could negatively impact consumers and the wider EU digital market. Privacy, security and trust in software are promoted by the TRUST aWARE project. They are also, in themselves, […]

What does the ethics of technology mean?


Did you know that your favourite streaming platform uses an artificially intelligent algorithm to customize its thumbnail images of shows and movies based on your past viewing history? Did you know that your identity can be verified by not only your fingerprints and your face, but also your iris, your voice, the pattern of veins […]

The Ethics of Space Exploration

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Although we can’t yet be certain that space is the final frontier, it is without question the next one. Human space flight and the exploration of space has fascinated the human imagination for millennia. From the myth of Icarus to Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon, we imagined what it would be like […]