Exploring political bias in false information spread on social media

Social media has become a key source of online news consumption. However, at the same time, social media users are not passive news consumers. They can further distribute online information to their networks and beyond. It is easy then to understand how information that is not always factual or information that promotes hate and violence […]

Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies: Join EUNOMIA’s Pilot

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The EUNOMIA project is hosting its first pilot in the form of a competition, between October 5 and October 14, 2020. The competition will give participants a chance to differentiate between selected trustworthy and untrustworthy social media posts about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies that will be injected in the discussions during the week of the […]

Assessing the Ethical, Legal and Social Impacts of new technologies: the EUNOMIA project case study


There is increasing hype about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning progressively being integrated into more domains of our personal, social and professional life; dating applications “choose” the “right” match, computational tools are employed to increase productivity. However, at the same time, recent scandals such as Cambridge Analytica’s collection and processing of personal data of […]

Addressing fake news and disinformation on social media

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Fake news have the power to build a misleading representation of reality posing a threat to our security and safety and forcing us to consider how we can build trust in information. The ability for users to generate, share and engage with social media content means that there is a vast amount of information on […]