Data vulnerability for the public sector

Data vulnerability

The healthcare sector has fallen victim to ransomware attacks for a number of years. In this article, we consider the implications for healthcare and other public sector organisations which themselves utilise interrelated IT systems. Healthcare is an established target for ransomware The National Audit Office (NAO) reported that in 2014, the Cabinet Office and Department […]

Return to the office and COVID-19 vaccination status

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While over a year ago, employers engaged in a considerable undertaking to transition their workforces to a remote environment, many now begin the process of returning to the office. As the COVID-19 vaccination drive continues to progress at a steady pace, employers are considering how they will balance the need to provide a safe working […]

Agreeing to share research data and biological material – factors to consider

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Medical researchers have access to valuable data and biological material, the further processing of which by researchers in other fields presents immense opportunities for greater advances in medical science and significant improvements in patient outcomes. Data subjects who have donated biological material for research are often more than willing, therefore, to consent to the sharing […]

Leveraging the value of healthcare data

Value of Healthcare Data

Healthcare data is valuable. In particular, aggregating and analysing large-scale healthcare data using machine learning and other data analytics tools may offer new insights in relation to diseases, resulting in better patient outcomes. Furthermore, according to the 2019 EY report on Realising the value of health care data, this is expected to generate knock-on effects […]

Five essential data protection improvements for hospitals

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The context in which hospitals process personal data has changed with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and advances in hacking and other cyber-attack capabilities. However, the pace of change in hospitals’ policies, procedures and practice has often not matched the external pace of change, and hospitals need more support to better […]

Understanding cyber-risk in the healthcare sector

Data Processing

Delivering care to patients necessitates the processing of sensitive personal data, recognised as “special category” data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, Art. 9). By processing such data, an organisation inherently takes on risk that needs to be managed. In the context of the provision of healthcare, where the outcome of unauthorised or unintended […]

Facing up to biometric data

research data sharing

You’re about to pay your bill at a restaurant when you realise that you’ve left both your mobile phone and wallet at home. You’re in trouble, aren’t you? Not if you’re in some parts of China or the United States, where if you’ve pre-registered with the relevant app, you can now simply look into the […]

Vaccine roll-out – challenges posed by the rollout of management systems

vaccine rollout

Given the immense scientific success in developing multiple vaccines for COVID-19 using existing and novel technologies, countries are scrambling to deliver the approved vaccines as quickly as possible. Some of these vaccines require two doses over a given period while others are single dose. In order to maximise the benefit from the limited supply over […]

Conducting a needs analysis for access to electronic health records

health care records

Healthcare records by their nature contain sensitive personal data. Such information can take on heightened sensitivity when it may involve particularly vulnerable types of individuals, such as children. The digitisation of patient records presents many opportunities for increased efficiencies, such as improving the record retrieval process and facilitating information sharing among medical professionals. There are […]

Data protection in education during the COVID-19 pandemic


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries including the education sector, have taken swift action to adjust and adapt. Earlier in the year, we covered issues that organisations must consider when implementing additional measures such as temperature screenings. However, as time passes, and more sectors must resume operations while living with COVID-19, further privacy and data […]