Join the Ethical and Societal Impact Advisory Board of the COPKIT project

Trilateral and COPKIT partners are now looking for new members to join its Ethical and Societal Impact Advisory Board (ESIAB) to support the project’s development in addressing ethical, legal and societal challenges related to the envisioned use the law enforcement investigation tools developed within the project. The use of new information and communication technologies by […]

Assessing the impact of new technologies at different scales

Impact assessment

One of our core areas of expertise at Trilateral is understanding and anticipating the impacts of new technologies and their social, ethical, legal and political impacts in particular. We’ve been exploring the impact of new technologies at different scales. Developing an understanding of the impacts of new technologies at the large scale: the impacts of […]

Risk Management: identifying risks to achieve sustainable impact

Risk managementTRI

At Trilateral Research we think managing risks is critical, both in the development of emerging technologies and in ensuring safety and security. All our projects involve some type of risk management. The use of risk assessment is critical to identifying, understanding and mitigating potential risks thereby enhancing decision making, responsible research and innovation and many […]

Working together to design new technologies to fight crime and terrorism

new tech full

Organized crime and terrorist organisations are often at the forefront of technological innovation in planning, executing and concealing their criminal activities and the revenues stemming from them. Trilateral Research has worked in many projects aiming to develop solutions to tackle cybercrime, terrorist activities and understand their use or novel technologies. We would like now to […]

Assessing the Ethical, Legal and Social Impacts of new technologies: the DEVELOP project case study


Trilateral’s interdisciplinary team is made of data scientists, computer scientists, social scientists and ethical and legal experts who develop, test and implement technologies that pay attention to ethical, legal and social impacts, respects human rights and dignities, and avoids negative and unwanted outcomes. We work across the technology-social disciplinary divide both when we engage in […]