Using data to enhance collaborative crisis management

Data for collaborative approach in crisis management

What are the key challenges in crisis management technology that can be better tackled by adopting an ethical approach? Challenges in using data for crisis response Crises and disasters are increasingly understood to be complex events that require data from across borders and disciplinary understandings to build complete and actionable situational awareness. To support the […]

Developing a new technology for a more coordinated response to emergencies

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During a major crisis that affects thousands of people in various areas, different organisations need to communicate with each other easily and make decisions quickly in order to save people’s lives. Currently, many civil protection operating systems are decentralised. Information exchange between organisations is limited as they have different technology, protocols and security layers. Interagency […]

Tailoring solutions to meet ethical implications within EU projects

The focus of ethical implications within EU projects is not to police and identify consequences, but to push forward and find solutions. IN-PREP is a large innovation action H2020 project in the domain of Crisis Management that focuses on the preparedness phase. The programme seeks to build a training and planning system that prepares emergency […]

EU project will improve crisis management response across EU member states and beyond

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A new three-year project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, will seek to build a system that can better respond to urgent natural and manmade crises. IN-PREP, which was launched in Athens on 27 September, will research and develop tools to respond to three urgent challenges related to transboundary crisis management: Sharing response […]