Developing ICT solutions to improve crime prevention in Europe

ICT for community policing

Trilateral Research is one of 18 consortium partners from eight countries that have developed over the past three years a community policing technical solution to strengthen collaboration between the police and the community as part of the EC project INSPEC2T. Community policing (referred to as neighbourhood policing in the UK) is concerned with enabling citizens […]

Understanding end-users’ needs for new community policing technology

inspect project trilateral research

New technologies can enable a better collaboration between communities and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to prevent and reduce crime. Innovative processes are in place and have been tested to provide early warning and share information with citizens while inviting them to actively collaborate in reporting crime. However, there is an open discussion on how to […]

Developing privacy enhanced technology: The INSPEC2T project case study

Whilst we can gain great benefits from innovative technologies that are enabling society to generate and process vast amounts of data, regular reports of privacy and customer data breaches remind us of the need to protect users’ security and the serious consequences deriving from losing control of data. The INSPEC2T project is a good example […]

Designing an effective communication strategy through stakeholder engagement

How stakeholder engagement makes our communication more effective Through our experience in multi-partner projects and international consortiums, we have come to the conclusion that while stakeholder engagement is critical to ensure that project progress is in line with stakeholders’ needs, it is also crucial for communicating the research findings effectively. In fact, working with a […]

Trilateral’s Dissemination and Stakeholder Engagement Services

Here at Trilateral, we recognize the importance of effective dissemination and stakeholder engagement and deliver these services for the European Commission funded FORTRESS, INSPEC2T and ResiStand projects. In developing dissemination and communication strategies, we carefully design our objectives to ensure the maximum impact for our clients considering what they would like to achieve and how they would like key target […]