Developing augmented reality tools to combat crime and terrorism

DARLENE Augmented reality

Trilateral Research joins fourteen partners from across the EU in the recently launched three-year Horizon 2020 project DARLENE to develop innovative augmented reality (AR) tools which will improve situational awareness when responding to criminal and terrorist activities. The project will investigate how cutting-edge AR technology combined with computer vision can be deployed to help law […]

Adopting voice-to-text technologies for social good

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Imagine a world where we can focus on the people that need us and automate the fiddly tasks that often get in the way? A possible solution The last two years has seen a huge increase of the development of apps and technologies aimed at assisting NGOs and police officers to help them streamline their […]

Detecting identity fraud to reduce abuses and vulnerabilities

Imagine an individual with a known criminal past has recently renewed his passport with a morphed image created by combining his own photo with that of another person without a criminal record. Submitting a morphed image is possible since applications for passport renewal allow applicants to submit their own photo, rather than performing live enrollment […]

Developing new technologies to speed up criminal network analysis

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Trilateral Research joins LEAs, industry and researchers from 16 countries to develop a novel platform combining advances of speech, language and video technologies and criminal network analysis for supporting investigators in their daily work, especially on large criminal cases, speeding up the investigative processes. Organized crime is the most challenging type of crime for Law […]