The financial argument, a complement to moral decision-making

Contemporary discussions on modern slavery tie in with ethical discourse and normative considerations. Modern slavery has been framed as a ‘moral issue’ (Guetierrez-Huerter, Gold & Trautrims, 2021, p. 12), its policy framework has been called ‘moralistic’ (Broad & Turnbull, 2019, p. 1). But however pivotal such moral dimensions are, a focus on ethics alone does not do justice to all facets of the crime, and sometimes does not offer enough persuasion to act. To improve our knowledge of modern slavery, its victims, and its prevalence, it is of great importance to get a grasp of its precise health, social and economic costs.

Honeycomb: An Evolution in Solving the Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Problem

You have heard it an endless number of times. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT) are complex crimes with far-reaching consequences, on both the individual and societal level. As a stakeholder, you know that the elusive nature of MSHT makes it difficult to collect useful data and that organisations have resource constraints. You have probably […]

What are the factors that make individuals vulnerable to human trafficking?

At Trilateral Research we take pride in our work and research in the human trafficking and migration fields. Following the recent incident in Essex where 39 alleged migrants of Vietnamese origin, were found dead in a shipping container, we ask ourselves if this is an instance of human trafficking. Olivia Iannelli, a Research Analyst at Trilateral, […]

Project Solebay Conference – Discussing modern slavery in conflict

slavery still exists SOLEBAY

“When we oppress others, we end up oppressing ourselves. All of our humanity is dependent upon recognising the humanity in others.” Desmond Tutu On 14th May, Trilateral Research and St Mary’s University welcomed an array of stakeholders (MOD, business, government, law enforcement, charities and researchers involved in combatting human trafficking and modern slavery) to a […]

Project Solebay Conference: Assessing the risk of modern slavery in conflict

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We are delighted to announce that the Project Solebay: Assessing the risk of modern slavery in conflict conference will take place at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London, on 14 May 2019. The event, organised by Trilateral Research and hosted by St Mary’s University, culminates work done in Project Solebay, which involves the development of risk assessment […]

Leveraging data to develop modern slavery risk assessments

Solebay dashboards

Trilateral’s Data Science team has built interactive cloud-based dashboards to bring data-driven insights into modern slavery risk assessments. Trilateral Research is working in conjunction with the UK’s Ministry of Defence on Project Solebay, funded by Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA). The aim of the project is to develop a risk assessment methodology and tools to […]

Will new technology for the justice system help combat Human Trafficking?

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Human trafficking is a clandestine phenomenon in which its victims often remain unidentified by the justice system and law enforcement. According to the Guardian, Modern slavery, including labour exploitation, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude, is estimated to cost the UK between £3.3bn and £4.3bn, with the range reflecting uncertainty around the number of victims, which […]

Which are the enablers of Modern Slavery and Human trafficking?


In collaboration with CCARHT (Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking) and The Zovighian Partnership, we are proud to have co-organised the 2018 CCARTH Counter Trafficking Cambridge Summer Symposium. We will address questions such as: which are the enablers of Modern Slavery and Human trafficking? This year’s symposium is an opportunity to explore five […]