Ethically developed technologies for safer societies – the ROXANNE project case study

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ROXANNE is a security project funded under the European Union Horizon 2020 innovation programme. ROXANNE brings together research institutions, law enforcement agencies and industry to build tools to assist law enforcement in tackling organised crime and terrorist groups. Surveillance of these organised crime and terrorist groups takes a significant amount of time for investigators to […]

A Knowledge Discovery tool to analyse darknet advertisements – Join COPKIT’s webinar

We are delighted to announce that on 22 April 2020 COPKIT will be having its second public webinar to introduce COPKIT’s Knowledge Discovery tool. In this webinar, our partners from the University of Granada will provide an overview of the fundamental aspects of the Knowledge Discovery tool, explaining how it can be employed to acquire new knowledge from […]

Empowering Law Enforcement Agencies in the investigation and prevention of crime

Trilateral joins 28 organisations across Europe who will develop a cutting-edge platform for providing practical support to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and practitioners in the fight against terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime, as part of the newly launched PREVISION project. There is a common belief that new data analysis techniques will allow police to deploy […]

Developing new technologies to speed up criminal network analysis

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Trilateral Research joins LEAs, industry and researchers from 16 countries to develop a novel platform combining advances of speech, language and video technologies and criminal network analysis for supporting investigators in their daily work, especially on large criminal cases, speeding up the investigative processes. Organized crime is the most challenging type of crime for Law […]

Cybercrime – what is the hidden nature of digital criminal activities nowadays?


The Internet has opened a parallel platform for communications, exchange of information and goods. While the digital dimension may enrich our lives on many different levels, it leaves us vulnerable to new threats. In fact, like the markets, consumers’ habits and interpersonal relationships evolve within digital and virtual arenas, so does crime. Cybercrime and cyberterrorism […]

Understanding end-users’ needs for new community policing technology

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New technologies can enable a better collaboration between communities and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to prevent and reduce crime. Innovative processes are in place and have been tested to provide early warning and share information with citizens while inviting them to actively collaborate in reporting crime. However, there is an open discussion on how to […]

Developing new technology to stay ahead of terrorism and organised crime


Trilateral Research joins law enforcement agencies, technology and information systems companies and other research institutions from several EU countries in the newly launched, EU-funded COPKIT project, for a game-changing initiative to combat terrorism and organised crime. While organised crime and terrorist (OCT) groups are often at the forefront of technological innovation for planning, executing and […]