What’s the economic added value of machine-learning in the manufacturing sector?


The use of big data analytics techniques and machine learning boosts competitiveness in the EU manufacturing sector. PROTEUS’ mission is to investigate and develop ready-to-use scalable online machine learning algorithms and real-time interactive visual analytics to deal with extremely large data sets and data streams. Using these data sets within a steelmaking industrial use case, […]

Artificial Intelligence makes manufacturing smart

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Big data and artificial intelligence have the potential to provide the EU with the efficiency it needs to be competitive. With their development, comes new skills, new jobs and opportunities for economic growth. Smart manufacturing projects, like PROTEUS, are leading the way in this area by incorporating the real world demands of the industry while […]

Research ethics for industry 4.0

The use of data analytics, machine learning and data visualisation for quality control and predictive maintenance within manufacturing settings is not an obvious space to consider research ethics. Nevertheless, such projects often use employees or members of the public to gather requirements, test systems and evaluate new products and technologies. This is particularly necessary as […]