AI for Good – Security Issues, Dangers and Implications of Smart Information Systems

While recent innovations in the machine learning domain have improved a variety of computer-aided tasks, machine learning systems present us with new challenges, new risks, and new avenues for attackers. As such, researchers should consider how machine learning may shape our environment in ways that could be harmful. Within the SHERPA project, Trilateral has been […]

AI for good – fostering the ethical use of artificial intelligence

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Smart Information Systems (SIS) hold large promises and raise significant concerns. The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning via deep neural networks based on big data analytics form the backbone of an envisioned smart world in which they will power smart technologies, drive smart cities and transform our lives – hopefully for the better. […]

How will AI and Big Data shape our future?

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Artificial intelligence is already having a major impact on our lives, society and economy for the good and the bad. Currently, AI raises many issues relating to privacy, data protection, discrimination, autonomy, power asymmetries, fairness, among others, but what will AI be doing in six years from now, in 2025? What measures should policymakers be […]

Call for papers: Ethics and Human Rights in Smart Information Systems

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We invite you to submit your paper for the IEEE Smart World Congress Forum on Ethics and Human Rights in Smart Information Systems, co-organized by three EU projects engaged in ethics and human rights of AI: SIENNA, SHERPA and PANELFIT as well as the UK Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT (ORBIT). Smart […]